Each BLACKPINK Member Had An Iconic Scene In The “Pink Venom” Music Video, And We Can’t Stop Replaying Them

Which was your favorite?

BLACKPINK finally dropped the music video for “Pink Venom,” the pre-release single from their BORN PINK album. Each of the four members stood out in their own unique way.

Check out some of their most memorable scenes below!

1. Jisoo

First up, Jisoo opened the video strong with a heart-stopping scene of herself playing the geomungo, a traditional Korean stringed instrument.

She was the center of attention—literally—and no one could look away.

As seen in her close-up shots, she looked absolutely stunning in a customized hanbok! Her eye makeup and hair accessories further helped to emphasize her elegant features.

2. Rosé

Besides her vocal skills, Rosé made everyone’s jaws drop when she played the electric guitar before the second chorus. Until recently, she mostly played the traditional guitar in soft, melodic performances.

She also brought it out for the bridge of the song with the lyrics, “Come and give me all the smoke, all or nothing, like I’m so rock and roll.”

These few scenes were enough confirmation that Rosé, a leather outfit, and an electric guitar were as lethal a combination as it can get.

Rosé | BLACKPINK/YouTube

3. Lisa

Lisa was the type of member who was memorable every time she appeared on screen. Her rap in the second verse, however, was iconic in itself!

Her flow, confidence, outfit, and everything in between were perfectly on brand.

When it comes to stage presence, Lisa always stands on top.

Lisa | BLACKPINK/YouTube

4. Jennie

Last but certainly not the least, Jennie opened the “Pink Venom” track with a mind blowing rap. This was something fans have been clamoring for each comeback, and she made it clear that there’s no way she could ever disappoint!

She even had a second, more complex, rap verse that reminded everyone why she holds the title of “main rapper.”

Her smokey makeup, fashionable streetwear, and varied expressions were top class, and her scenes with Lisa were the cherries on top!

Lisa and Jennie | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Check out the full “Pink Venom” music video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Source: YouTube