15 Moments That Show Why K-Netizens Love BLACKPINK Rosé’s Unreal Body Proportions

#5 shows how she looks IRL.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is constantly receiving love from K-Netizens for her stunning visuals. She has legs for days, an “ant waist,” and looks incredible in just about any outfit she wears. Check out these 15 moments that show being a celebrity was in her genes!

1. They praise Rosé for her thin yet feminine body type.

She’s the closest thing to a true Barbie doll.

2. She has one of the smallest waists in K-Pop.

Who can rock low rise joggers like this?

3. Stripes are extra flattering on her.

She even uses a belt to cinch in her already tiny waist.

4. Her genetics are out-of-this-world.

She was meant to be a celebrity.

5. Even in casual clothes, her tall and slender physique is evident.

High-waisted pants on her are just *chef’s kiss*.

6. She has a graceful figure on stage.


7. Even the man behind her can’t handle the beauty.

Current mood when looking at Rosé:

8. She works the stage like no other.

If you’re not a stan, now you are.

9. Can she even find boots long enough for her endless legs?

She’s so tall that they don’t make her look short at all.

10. Seriously, she’s the cutest.

We interrupt this broadcast for Rosé’s shake dance. Okay, continue scrolling.

11. Her legs are waaay longer than her upper body.

Bless her genetics.

12. Queen of proportions!

All of her dance moves look elegant.

13. Rosé is the total package when it comes to being an idol.

Seriously skilled with a sweet personality, topped with a gorgeous…everything!

14. At 5’6″, she’s actually not as tall as she seems.

She definitely still has some serious height, though.

15. This is why netizens constantly praise her proportions.

She works hard for her results!