10 Unedited Photos And Videos Of BLACKPINK’s Rosé At “BORN PINK” Concerts That Show Off Her Jaw-Dropping Proportions

She was a model in #5.

With her long legs, slim waist, and toned arms, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is totally body goals. This was clearer than ever in the group’s BORN PINK concerts where she was praised by fans for her physique.


Check out some of the best examples of this below.

1. When she was total body goals

First up, she made all of us gasp when this fan-taken photo was released.

2. When she wore a crop top

Her waist is snatched, alright.

3. When she wore this purple outfit

She wasn’t shy to show off some skin…and she stunned us in the process.

4. And when she was all smiles

She’s absolutely glowing!

5. When she walked like a model

She strutted down the stage like it was her runway.

6. When everything about her was pretty

She was flawless from head to toe.

7. When her legs were highlighted

A happy and healthy Rosé is an even more irresistible one.

8. When she danced to “Tally”

She makes short skirts look like they were designed just for her.

9. When she was right in front of us

Her legs go on forever!

10. When her shoulder game was strong

Last but certainly not the least, she has the “ninety degree shoulders” that Koreans covet.

One thing is certain, Rosé is always serving top tier visuals!