BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is The Sweetest Person Ever To Her Fansites—Here’s Proof

Her kindness is obvious!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé loves her fans! She always treats her fansites especially well, pages dedicated to capturing her public appearances.

One of the most famous Rosé fansites, Récord, recently released a video that showed this up close. Check out proof of her kindness below!

1. She checks the weather.

One of the first things Rosé talked about was the weather. She spread out her hands to check the car’s temperature and used this as reference to ensure her fans were comfortable while talking to her.

The weather’s not that bad today. It was humid until yesterday.

— Rosé

Moreover, the last thing she said to them was, “It’s hot so hurry up and go,” showing how she always has their well-being at the back of her mind.

2. She’s always waving

Rosé is so welcoming, she waves “Hello” every few seconds. She also wished them all the best, saying, “When you get home, make sure to eat a lot of good food.”

3. She answers their questions.

Rather than being closed off, Rosé always talks to her fansites as if they’re friends. She responds to their questions in an engaged manner.

Fan: Are you seeing Hank today?

Rosé: Of course I’m seeing him!

4. She’s all smiles.

Though she wore a mask for most of the video, her crinkled eyes proved that she was smiling. And when she removed it for a few seconds, she was grinning from ear to ear!

5. She’s attentive.

Finally, 100% of Rosé’s attention is on her fans. She could easily close the car window and relax all alone, but she made sure to interact with them happily.

She’s the sweetest! Check out the full video below to see how casual and friendly Rosé is in real life.

Source: YouTube