BLACKPINK’s Rosé Loves Her New Look After Gaining Some Weight Since “On The Ground” Promotions

She’s beautiful!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently revealed she put on a little weight since her solo debut, and she’s loving her new look!


Recently, a fansite uploaded a candid video with Rosé, where she chatted amiably with BLINKs as if she’s known them for years. Midway through the interaction, she was asked, “Chaeyoung, have you lost weight?

Touching her cheeks, she clarified that the opposite is actually true. She gained a little weight and so her cheeks are now slightly fuller.

I gained weight. My cheeks got bigger.

— Rosé

She removed her mask to prove her point and lightly tapped her cheeks, repeating, “My cheeks got bigger. My cheeks got a bit bigger.

After putting her mask back on, she explained that she lost some cheek fat during promotions for her solo title track, “On The Ground,” and gained it back recently.

I lost too much cheek fat during my solo, so I gained some back.

— Rosé

Rosé performing “On The Ground”

She was full of confidence! She happily exclaimed, “I like it!

Fans can all agree that Rosé will always be beautiful no matter what. Watch the video below to see her full interactions with her fansites.

Source: YouTube