4 New Food–Related Facts About BLACKPINK’s Rosé That Fans May Not Know About Yet

How many of these are you aware of?

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is famously known for being a foodie! Whenever BLACKPINK features in variety shows or streams live, she eats to her heart’s content.

In fact, she once even said that she cries when eating food that she loves.

| SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널/YouTube

There are still some facts that BLINKs don’t know about her, however, especially when it comes to her food history. Read on to learn more about Rosé from her interview with ELLE KOREA!

1. Soft vs. Crunchy Peaches

First up, when it comes to fruits like peaches, she has a set preference that developed over time.

I used to like soft peaches, but recently I’ve discovered the magic of crunchy peaches. So I like crunchy peaches.

— Rosé

2. Mango vs. Pineapple

If it’s a battle between two popular tropical fruits, mangos win over pineapples for sure!

3. Food Goals

A food that Rosé hasn’t tried yet is gopchang, a Korean staple that consists of grilled beef or pork intestines.

“Gopchang” | 10 Magazine Korea

4. Changing Preferences

And finally, Rosé’s food preferences have changed over the years: “I used to not like oysters but now I really like them.”

Even her number one food nemesis, avocados…

…were slightly less inedible when she found a new way to eat them!

This is the first time I’m sharing this, but recently I dipped a really hard avocado in soy sauce and that was actually not bad. Isn’t that shocking? Isn’t that amazing? So since then, I’ve been wondering if my tastes have changed, so I tried a soft avocado but blegh…I couldn’t eat that.

— Rosé

When it comes to food, Rosé is always in her element!

Source: YouTube