All The Gifts (Well, Most Of Them) BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has Ever Received From YSL Because She Deserves It

Rosé deserves it all.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is YSL‘s global ambassador and the brand absolutely loves her. Anthony Vaccarello, the brand’s main creative director, constantly gushes over Rosé and sends her the most gorgeous PR gifts with thoughtful handwritten notes. Here are most of the gifts she’s received and posted about so far on her Instagram, @roses_are_rosie.

1. 2021 S/S Collection

The latest in the list is this precious mini bag from their latest 2021 S/S collection, along with an invitation to a virtual launch.

2. YSL Beauté

Rosé received this beautiful marbled compact.

3. Roses for rosie

Rosie received a three-tier from the brand, consisting of a beautiful cake, gifts galore, and of course, her favorite white roses.

4. Exclusive shirt

Rosé received a shirt from their men’s collection tailored specially to fit her petite frame.

There’s her name embroidered on the pocket too.

5. New album spoils

The brand sent her gifts to congratulate her on her new album.

From the most expensive champagne in the world…

…to their latest bag…

…in two colors…

…and of course, her favorite roses.

She loves them!

6. Their collection book

Great coffee table book.

7. Bags bags bags

She love, love, loves them!

8. Scented with roses

An exclusive scented candle…

…paired with fragrant blooms to celebrate her arrival in Paris.

9. Red roses

They sent her another candle, and red roses this time!

10. Lunar New Year special

They sent a red bag for luck!

11. Just for Rosé

An exclusive printed sweatshirt.

12. Luxury beauty

She got the entire collection.

We’d kill to be Rosé, but we have to say that she deserves every bit of their love and more.

Source: theqoo