Oh Nothing … Just 10 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Stunned Us By Using Her Hair In Dance Moves

We’re still waiting on her to share her haircare tips.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is top-tier when it comes to dancing. Although she’s not the main dancer, her signature feminine style of dance has the ability to capture anyone watching! She often incorporates perfect use of her luscious locks to make dance moves seem more fluid and mesmerizing. Here are 10 moments where she blew us away.

1. Headbanging

We’re pretty sure she was just hyped up but even when she’s not properly dancing she manages to make it look like actual choreography.

2. “How You Like That”

One of the moves at the start of the chorus involves a serious head toss. Rosé takes it up a notch by using her hair to make it appear more powerful.

3. Look at her go!

The way her hair fans out with one simple flick is a work of art.

4. We hope her hair is insured

It’s practically a national treasure at this point.

5. Effortless as always

Even just turning around, she has full control of her hair.

6. So iconic they made it a dance move

They made her hair flipping a part of the actual choreography for “Kill This Love”!

7. Moment of silence…

…for redhead Rosé.

8. Look up in the sky, it’s a bird it’s a plane

Rosé is a cultural reset.

9. Hair tips, please!

We just want to know how she keeps her blond locks so soft and shiny.

10. Last but not least

The legendary “Coachella Rosé”. People who have not watched it may exist, but people who have only watched it once, don’t.

In other news, BLACKPINK recently wrapped up their promotions for “Lovesick Girls” after sweeping music charts and shows. They are currently taking a well-deserved break!

Source: theqoo