BLACKPINK Rosé’s Real Life Visuals Will Blow You Away, As They Should

Even unedited she shines.

It’s no news that BLACKPINK Rosé‘s the cream of the crop when it comes to the full-package. Brains, beauty, a heart of gold, talent and charisma to boot. Ever wondered what the goddess herself would look like if she was right in front of your eyes? These 11 photos and GIFs may satisfy your curiosity!

1. Fashion week

From a journalist photo, her beauty shines even unedited and unposed.

2. Make way for the queen

In a simple crop top and sweatpants combo, she looks flawless.

3. Backstage rush

Rosé looks utterly gorgeous in a harried Instagram story.

4. Even with a squirrel on her head…

…she slays.

5. Up close and personal

Ever had the blessing of Rosé Park Chaeyoung sitting right in front of you?

6. Who else looks this good with flash photography?

Taken with someone else’s camera, she still manages to look amazing. Roséchella for the win!

7. Cher has nothing on her

Yellow plaid may be Cher’s trademark but Rosé owns it.

8. She loves fans

You can see it in her eyes when she’s talking to BLINKs.

9. Worldwide model

Miss International for YSL!

10. Is her waist real?

Seriously, is it?

11. Angel on Earth

Thank the heavens for blessing us with this lovely girl.

Not yet convinced to convert to a Fansé? Take a look at her iconic Roséchella fan-cam and we guarantee you’ll fall so hard for Rosé!

Source: pann and pann