8 Moments That Proved BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was THE Standard For Slender Beauty

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BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has an amazing waist to hip ratio — but just how slender is the girl? While all body types are beautiful, Rosé is the absolute queen of being slender. Here are 8 moments that prove she’s the “it-girl” for slender beauty.

1. Dance practice

Her simple black pants and black crop top brought out her best physical asset — her waist!

| YG Entertainment 

2. Skinny jeans for the skinny legend

She rocks a pair of black skinnies. Did we mention, she’s wearing sneakers? Those proportions are out of this world!

| Samsung

3. YSL muse

Rosé isn’t YSL’s global ambassador for nothing.

4. Model pose

She totally exudes high fashion vibes.

5. Legs for days

While Rosé wows in flats, her proportions stand out even more with killer heels.

| YG Entertainment

6. Co-ord

We love Rosé in co-ords. Crop tops really are her best friend.

| YG Entertainment

7. Coachella

Roséchella just hits different.

| pann

8. Versacé baby

Rosé looks lovely in bright prints!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

That being said, we’re absolutely all for body-positivity. While Rosé rocks the slim-fit look, it doesn’t mean we, as BLINKs, have to!

Source: pann


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