10 Sexy AF BLACKPINK Moments From “Coachella 2023” That Might Give You A Heart Attack

#4 is killer.

BLACKPINK made history when they became the first K-Pop act to headline the famous music festival Coachella. Unsurprisingly, they had many sexy moments that shook the internet.

Check out some of them below!

1. When Jennie wore this outfit

First up, Jennie gave BLINKs a heart attack when she wore a revealing “underboob” top.

Fans unanimously agreed that she was as hot as can be!

2. When Lisa swayed to the music

Lisa moved her hips like nobody’s business and made a strong impression.

3. When Rosé flipped her hair

The look on Rosé’s eyes when she executed this move was priceless.

4. When Jisoo danced with the chair

Jisoo became a hot topic online when her sexy side came out in full force for the “Pretty Savage” dance break.

Needless to say, she left everyone speechless.

5. When Jennie changed her outfit

Jennie removed her skirt for the dance break of “You & Me”…and everyone was suddenly breathless.

6. When Lisa’s moves were smooth

Though Lisa is usually known for her powerful dancing, she’s also the definition of sensual.

7. When Rosé flipped her hair again

The way Rosé flipped her hair was absolutely captivating.

8. When Jisoo danced slowly

Jisoo’s seductive moves during “Typa Girl” drove us crazy.

9. When Jennie and Lisa did the wave

JenLisa killed us all with their charisma and chemistry.

10. Finally, when BLACKPINK made the stage their runway

The confidence, the hair flips, the quick glances—everyone in BLACKPINK is sexy even without trying!

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