BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Pretty Savage” Chair Dance Moment At “Coachella 2023” Was So Hot It’s Going Viral

She devoured 🔥

BLACKPINK recently headlined Coachella 2023, and all of their performances were insanely good. One particular choreography was so hot, it caught everyone’s attention and quickly went viral.

From left to right: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa at “Coachella 2023” | Coachella/YouTube

It was none other than the four-member group’s hit song “Pretty Savage!” They switched things up for the performance, this time using a chair instead of doing their usual choreography. The girls’ sensual moves left the crowd stunned, their screams filling up the venue.

Member Jisoo in particular caught everyone’s attention. She looked absolutely beautiful in a pink halter outfit adorned with roses.

She left fans no time to breathe.

But aside from her precise and fluid movements, it was her confidence and on-point facial expressions that made her shine!

BLINKs who saw the performance agreed that the “FLOWER” singer slayed, screaming that she “devoured” and was “Hot AF” and “insane in Coachella.”

Meanwhile, check out the crazy number of people who watched the YG Entertainment girl group in the article below.

Just How Many People Watched BLACKPINK Perform At Coachella 2023?


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