All The BLACKPINK Song References In BLACKPINK’s Music Video Teaser For “Shut Down”

BLACKPINK is the aesthetic.

BLACKPINK just dropped the music video teaser for “Shut Down,” and besides Rosé‘s enchanting voice, what catches everyone’s attention is the vast amount of references to BLACKPINK’s discography.

Here are all the references to their songs on the set, and trust us, the detailing is immaculate.

1. “Crazy Over You” and “Whistle”

The path BLACKPINK walks on is definitely “Queen Road.”



There’s no better way to start a teaser than with a huge sign bearing the title of their debut song.

3. “Playing With Fire”

BLACKPINK doesn’t play around when it comes to being the best.


Jennie‘s iconic “When the bass drop, it’s another banger” can’t be left out.

5. “Ice Cream”

If you zoom into the poster, you’ll see the lyrics to “Ice Cream” plastered all over.

6. “How You Like That,” “SOLO,” “Hope Not,” and “AS IF IT’s YOUR LAST”

We can’t tell if the print under “AS IF IT’s YOUR LAST” is Lisa‘s “Money” or a food name since under “How You Like That” is kebab, but the M/V will reveal the truth.

7. “Bet You Wanna”

With so many big names on this track, like Cardi B and Ryan Tedder, it’s no wonder the song gets its own huge sign.

8. “Gone”

BLACKPINK will never be gone from history.

9. “Pink Venom”

“Pink Venom” and its lyrics were plastered everywhere on set, and the poster below highlights BLACKPINK’s debut year and the date “Pink Venom” was released.

10. “LALISA”

If a premium album of “LALISA” existed, it’d be sold out within seconds.

11. “Pretty Savage” and “Kiss and Make Up”

If you can see through the light glare, “Kiss and Make Up” is peaking through.

12. “Sour Candy”

It’s a bit blurry, but “Sour Candy” is definitely there, and so are BLINKs (BLINKs are probably referenced everywhere on set). And with Rosé’s appearance at the recent Tiffany event, fans know that Lady Gaga X BLACKPINK is still going strong.

We can’t wait to see what other hidden Easter eggs we’ll see in “Shut Down.”