6 Hacks For BLACKPINK’s “Glass Skin” You Must Steal NOW

#2 is actually genius.

The girls of BLACKPINK have doll-like looks that stem from their porcelain, glowing skin. “Glass skin,” a term referencing this seemingly poreless and dewy look, can be yours by following their skincare tips revealed over the years.

1. Hydration is absolutely key.

Beauty starts from the inside out. Begin your day like Jennie and hydrate first thing in the morning. This will jump-start your system and give you energy for the day while clearing your body of impurities.

Remember to continue to drink water throughout the day and bring a cute bottle with you for motivation. TIP: Try adding fruit like strawberries or cucumber to your water if you find plain water tedious to drink.

2. You are what you eat.

Collagen is hyped for skincare, but have you considered eating it instead of lathering it on your face? Rosé has boasted about her mom’s chicken feet collagen soup which is delicious and full of health benefits like glowing skin.

Ingesting collagen will absorb it into the body much more efficiently than external usage. TIP: Remember to have an adequate amount of Vitamin C in addition to your collagen rich foods which will allow your body to absorb the protein much easier.

3. Skincare > Makeup.

The idea here is that if you focus more on skincare, you won’t need as much makeup to mask flaws. Preventing skin issues works better than covering up. Makes sense, right?

Jisoo said she owns a small amount of makeup products in contrast to her array of skincare products. Her focus is on keeping her base clear and smooth so she needs few makeup products to enhance her natural beauty.

4. Cleansing and exfoliating goes a long way.

No matter how tired you are after a long day, it is absolutely vital to remove makeup and cleanse your face like Rosé suggests.

Exfoliating lips frequently can remove dead skin cells and lip products to provide a smooth and supple surface.

If you’re super exhausted one night, at the very least you can take a water-based makeup remove on a cotton round and swipe over your entire face before passing out.

5. Face masks are your friend.

Using a face mask can not only de-stress you (good for your physical and mental health), but also provide the moisture some of us are lacking. Lisa‘s dry skin benefits greatly from her daily usage of facemasks.

6. Moisturize and massage.

Moisturizing skin, especially before bed, can combat dryness. Once moisturized, doing a facial massage can stimulate circulation and collagen production, as well as drain any excess bloating from your face. Tip: Moisturize and massage your neck as well!