Here Are 7 Times BLACKPINK Dropped Spoilers Right In Front Of Our Eyes And We Had No Idea

How did we not realize #2?

The members of BLACKPINK are the queens of leaving subtle hints about their upcoming projects! Check out some of the sneakiest moments below where they dropped spoilers about new music, choreography, and more below.

1. When Lisa almost slipped during a live stream

In the moment, nobody may have noticed what happened when Lisa told Rosé she’s “born to be BLACKPINK!

Rosé’s shocked reaction shows that she thought she had misheard something…

…but Lisa quickly clarified what she said!

Looking back, we now know that it references the album title, Born Pink.

2. When Jennie sneakily spoiled an entire song title

As the members were signing off and saying their goodbyes to fans, some fans noticed Jennie mouthed something quietly.

If you’re a good lip reader, you can tell she was saying, “How you like that?”

3. Lisa gave away a choreography move

This cute version of a headbanging move might look familiar…

…and eventually, BLINKs got the reference!

4. Jisoo spoiled an iconic lyric

“Bada-bing bada-boom” was Jisoo’s hint…

…and Lisa’s reaction shows she got the reference!

Remember this?

5. As If It’s Your Last

Jisoo’s cute head wiggle on Inkigayo was actually a spoiler.

Check out this small part of the choreography!

6. Jennie’s head bob

Yes, even this was a spoiler!

Jennie knows how to give a subtle hint.

7. When the girls posted selfies with ice cream

Nobody knew they would soon go on to release the summer bop “Ice Cream.”