The Producer Of BLACKPINK’s B-Side Track “Tally” Finds One Thing “So Refreshing” About Them Singing Her Song, And It’s Meaningful

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One of BLACKPINK‘s most famous tracks from their latest BORN PINK album is “Tally.” It had their most hard-hitting lyrics yet, with a strong message about independence being punctuated with swear words in the chorus.

I say f*** it when I feel it.
‘Cause no-one’s keeping tally, I do what I want with who I likeI ain’t gon’ conceal itWhile you talking all that shit, I’ll be getting mine, getting mine

— “Tally” Lyrics

One of the main producers of the song, Soraya LaPread, talked about it in detail in a new interview with Rolling Stone. The New Zealand based artist told the magazine that she originally swept the song under the rug after making it.

I kind of, honestly, had forgotten about the song. [But Nat Dunn] got Bebe Rexha to cut it. She was really working it. She told me to send it to Doja.

— Soraya

Thanks to producer Nat Dunn picking up the song, however, it made its way into BLACKPINK’s hands and Soraya couldn’t be more happy. She even posted a warm message about the achievement on her Instagram account when the news was first released.

So I made a song [with] my friends and now we numba won! I’m really a black girl from [New Zealand] that makes beats bro! This is crazy…

— Soraya

She also mentioned being “extremely proud” of the final output as well as the singers themselves.

I’m extremely proud of the song and how it came out and the artists, BLACKPINK.

— Soraya

What she loves most about the YG Entertainment girl group singing her song is that they can break barriers while they do so. As artists who are Korean and Thai in nationality, they went against expectations about traditional Asian women by proudly singing about doing what they want, whenever they want.

I think it’s so refreshing especially for women in that part of the world where I’d say there’s a stereotypical idea of an Asian woman being submissive [and having] a certain type of mannerism. It’s 2022 and I think it’s not a realistic thing. Woman are all different ways and they’re strong and they have their own opinions and they have needs and they have things that they need to get.

— Soraya

She’s thankful that she was part of subtly spreading positive change to the younger generation.

I think it’s really cool that these girls are carrying this message out for so many young women who probably don’t get to express themselves in that way and have not seen women like them doing it.

— Soraya

BLACKPINK’s Jennie with young fans

Finally, Soraya expressed her love for the K-Pop culture when it comes to new releases. Unlike most Western songs, it is practically guaranteed that a BLACKPINK track, even a B-Side, would have thousands of mentions on social media. This makes it easy and fun to monitor as someone involved in writing it.

I was going on Twitter and I figured out that you can just type out the name of the song and see what everyone’s saying about it and I love it!

— Soraya

Check out the full video below to learn more about the songwriter and BLACKPINK.

Source: YouTube


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