20+ Of BLACKPINK’s Most Viral Twitter Videos From The “Born Pink” Tour So Far

These are iconic!

BLACKPINK is currently on touring North American leg as part of their BORN PINK tour and some iconic video clips have already gone viral on Twitter from various shows. Check out the most popular videos for each member, followed by OT4 clips, below!


1. This clip of “Money” is a fan-favorite.

2. She showed off her pole-dancing skills to fans.

3. Her expressions 😍

4. She’s too cool performing in casual clothes.

5. The body rolls!

6. Her big smile is precious.

7. Her performance is so epic.


8. She’s serving charisma!

9. This cover is iconic!

10. Try not to fall in love with Jisoo challenge: Failed!

11. She was overcome with emotion and shed tears.

12. Jisoo + Red = ❤️

13. She slayed it.


14. This fan was so lucky!

15. She’s having so much fun vibing.

16. This moment was too cute.

17. This clip is addicting.

18. BLINKs are obsessed.

19. Jennie’s adorable performance of “Money”

20. We love her fierce side!

21. This fan hilariously got “scolded” by Jennie for not jumping!

22. Jennie’s solo stage is everything.


23. Her voice is stunning.

24. This edit is epic!

25. Lucky fans are right next to her.

26. This performance of “On The Ground” is amazing.

27. She’s having a blast!


28. BLACKPINK in your area!

29. This fan thought they had a great video…until they saw the fan next to them!

30. Aww!

31. Dance break time.

32. Don’t cry!