BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Aegyo Has Everyone In The Palm Of Her Hand — Here Are 10+ Receipts As Proof, Your Honor

Sexy Jennie, or cutie Jennie? These BLINKs chose her cuter side.

The more BLINKs get to know about BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s personality, the more they find themselves falling in love with her.

For starters, Jennie’s visuals are already top-notch…

…she’s a brand ambassador of a famous high-class brand, after all.

Her talents are also legendary, as a result of their intensive training, Jennie managed to develop her skills and transform into a powerhouse of a performer.

And how about her true personality as a cutie?

It seems like Jennie has every BLINK under her control every time she shows off her aegyo.

And honestly, with her adorable charms and mandu cheeks, can you blame these BLINKs for being soft at the sight of her? Here are 10+ of their reaction tweets that you may relate to:

1. She knows how much BLINKs love her squishy cheeks.

2. One selca from Jennie is enough to make the whole world go crazy.

3. #friendsforever

4. Yes, she’s extremely talented, but have you seen this moment on the show? Super cute!

5. The fan isn’t lying, though!

6. Two peas in a pod

7. And that’s on periodt.

8. Jennie’s creativity is a blessing to BLINKs worldwide.

9. BLINKs be like: *replays the clip at least 10x*

10. The complete package

11. BLINKs choose you!

12. BLINKs just want people to give Jennie every love she deserves.

13. Such a trendsetter

Jennie’s such an adorable cutie pie — perhaps this is why her close friend Lisa couldn’t help but show off her protective side every time she’s taking care of Jennie? Check out full details in the article below!

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