BLINKs Are Incredibly Hungry And Thirsty For BLACKPINK’s Lisa — Here Are 10+ Receipts, Your Honor

Lisa’s bringing sexy back — especially in #10!

It’s a fact that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is incredibly talented.

Sure, she spent several years to hone her skills and progress in her chosen craft, but there’s no denying that Lisa was definitely born to be a star.

She also has gorgeous visuals that make you question if she’s really a human, or simply an angel who descended from above.

But these aren’t just the reasons why BLINKs strongly admire her. It’s also because of Lisa’s adorable duality, too.

After all, a K-Pop celebrity who can go from this…

…to this is definitely one worth being a fan of, right?


Perhaps this is why BLINKs couldn’t help but be extremely thirsty for Lisa — here are the top 10+ tweets that will let you realize just how thirsty BLINKs really are for the group’s talented dancer:

1. Even non-fans are a fan of her visuals.

2. Toxic double standards are not welcome in K-Pop.

3. Confidence is sexy, after all.

4. Hear that? TIME has something to say about Lisa’s dancing.

5. The tea has been spilled.

6. Killing it since 2016

7. There’s a reason why Lisa’s fancams are viral

8. Her body, her visuals, and yes, her voice!

9. #swag

10. She’s bringing sexy back, literally!

11. And that’s on periodt

12. Dance teacher Lisa is such a mood.

13. BLINKs stan a multi-lingual genius!

Lisa is a top celebrity nowadays, but did you know that she and the other BLACKPINK members had a hard time when they were still trainees? Read the full details on the next article below.

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