BLINKs Are Totally Whipped For Jisoo’s Breath-Taking Visuals In BLACKPINK’s Teaser Image — Here Are 15 Receipts As Proof, Your Honor

The queen is back and is ready to slay. 👑

YG Entertainment has just released the teaser images for BLACKPINK‘s comeback this June 2020.

And while all members are definitely gorgeous in their unique ways, with Lisa looking like she’s ready to slay the world with her fierce eyes and red lips…

Rose looking like an ethereal goddess whose angelic features make the fans want to worship her…

…and Jennie looking every bit like “YG’s Princess”…

…there’s no denying that Jisoo‘s graceful vibes and gorgeous visuals have taken the world by storm!

The group’s official “visual” has trended worldwide, after all.

Aside from her outer beauty, fans also couldn’t help but appreciate Jisoo for her inner beauty — she even waited for the teasers to drop so she could immediately promote their comeback by posting on her social media account!

Jisoo also didn’t miss a beat in changing her profile picture to reflect their comeback’s teaser image.

And because of this, BLINKs around the world couldn’t stop themselves from exposing how whipped they really are for Jisoo. Here are 10+ receipts you can investigate, your honor!

1. Even Dior couldn’t resist her charms

2. It’s like a classic piece of art

3. You know she’s gorgeous when she looks like this with minimum makeup on

4. “Jisoo is beautiful” is trending in the Philippines

5. You may now join the group in praying:

6. Worldwide domination

7. Two days in a row

8. Her almond eyes and her lips = 100% gorgeous

9. The queen of aging beautifully

10. Korea’s proud to have a national treasure like Jisoo

11. Any look is perfect for her

12. Jisoo has everyone at the palm of her hands

13. Ethereal beauty

14. Ten days until BLACKPINK dominates the world once again

15. No need for heart poses here: her lips are enough

It’s definitely heartwarming to see the success that BLACKPINK is enjoying right now, especially if you find out that they had such a hard time during their trainee days. Check out what really happened in the next article below.

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