These 15 Boy Group Idols Will All Be Contestants On MBC’s New Survival Show—”Extreme Debut Wild Idols”

MBC’s new survival show will create a K-Pop group based on physical and mental strength, and you may already recognize these contestants.

MBC just revealed all 45 aspiring stars who will be participating in Extreme Debut Wild Idols, the network’s new survival show where contestants compete for their debut through physical and mental strength. While MBC hasn’t yet divulged the names and ages of all the participants, you may already recognize some of them—these 15 boy group and duo idols will all be competing on Extreme Debut Wild Idols.

1. Doha (BAE173)

17-year-old Doha is BAE173’s lead rapper and vocalist.

| PocketDol Studio

He debuted in November 2020, but before that, he was a well-known child actor. He was also cast by numerous major agencies, including SM Entertainment and Big Hit Music.

2. Kangmin (TRCNG)

19-year-old Kangmin is TRCNG’s main vocalist and maknae.

| TS Entertainment

He debuted in November 2019 and one of his special skills is b-boying.

3. Jinkwon (Newkidd)

20-year-old Jinkwon is Newkidd’s leader and vocalist.

| J-FLO Entertainment

He officially debuted in April 2019 as part of the group’s original lineup, but he was also part of the 2018 pre-debut subunit Newkidd02.

4. Ayno (VAV)

25-year-old Ayno is VAV’s main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and visual.

| A Team Entertainment

He debuted in February 2017, but he was originally a contestant on Mnet‘s NO.MERCY—the survival show that formed MONSTA X.

5. Kijung (UNB)

20-year-old Kijung was UNB’s lead vocalist and maknae.

| The Unit Culture Industry Company

He debuted in April 2018 after ranking 8th on KBS2‘s The Unit—the survival show that formed UNB. UNB disbanded as scheduled in January 2019. Before that, Kijung was a member of the 2017 group IM, and he was also rumored to be in BAE173’s lineup before they debuted.

6. Junyong (NOIR)

26-year-old Junyong is NOIR’s main vocalist.

| LUK Factory

He debuted with them in April 2018, but he was also a member of the 2016 group INX. Junyong is the brother of N.CUS‘s Seungyong.

7. Jiseong (NTX)

16-year-old Jiseong is NTX’s main rapper and producer.

| Victory Company

He officially debuted with the group in March this year after their August 2020 pre-debut single. Before debuting, he released four mixtapes in total, and he majored in rap at his arts high school.

8. Jaejun (TREI)

23-year-old Jaejun was TREI’s leader, main dancer, lead vocal, and visual.

| Banana Culture Entertainment

He debuted with them in August 2017, but before that, he was a member of the 2012 group C-CLOWN. TREI disbanded in June 2020 after all three members terminated their contracts.

9. Yeonggwang (VANNER)

23-year-old Yeonggwang is VANNER’s vocalist, visual, and maknae.

| VT Entertainment

He debuted in February 2019, he can speak Japanese, and he looks up to HIGHLIGHT‘s Gikwang.

10. Changsun (24K)

25-year-old Changsun is 24K’s leader, main dancer, and vocalist.

| Choeun Entertainment

He debuted in September 2012 and later competed on the JTBC survival show MIXNINE, where he was eliminated in episode seven. He majored in dance at Gukje University.

11. Jooan (WE IN THE ZONE)

24-year-old Jooan was WE IN THE ZONE’s main dancer and lead vocalist.

| Choon Entertainment

He debuted in May 2019, but the group sadly disbanded in January this year. Jooan’s special skills include playing the guitar and composing songs.

12. Sunghyuk (RAINZ)

21-year-old Sunghyuk was RAINZ’s vocalist and maknae.

| KISS Entertainment

He debuted with the fan project group formed from Mnet’s Produce 101 contestants in Octoebr 2017. Sunghuk was eliminated in episode 10, ranking no.31 overall. RAINZ disbanded as scheduled in October 2018.

13. Jaechan (XRO)

21-year-old Jaechan is XRO’s vocalist, rapper, and maknae.

| Major9 Entertainment

Before he debuted in the duo in July 2020, he competed on the second season Mnet’s Produce 101, where he ranked 55th. Jaechan likes listening to foreign songs and considers voice imitations to be his special skill.

14. Yuri (JXR)

26-year-old Yuri is JXR’s leader, vocalist, and main rapper.

| Arirang

He debuted in the duo in December 2019 after competing on Produce X 101. Yuri is part of the ethnic Korean diaspora in Russia and speaks Russian fluently, serving in the Russian military before becoming an idol. He also briefly served as a host on Arirang‘s After School Club.

15. Rui (Seven O’Clock)

21-year-old Rui was Seven O’Clock’s rapper and maknae.

| Forest Network

He debuted with them in 2017, later participating on the MBC survival show Under Nineteen, which formed 1THE19. He ranked no.13 overall. Unfortunately, Seven O’Clock disbanded in March this year.