Here Is What We Know About All 13 Siblings Of THE BOYZ’s Members

None of them are only children!

THE BOYZ saw a fairly drastic and well-deserved rise in their popularity over the last year or so, making them a fourth generation group that’s bound for success! With this increased interest, some fans might be curious to learn more about them, such as what their families are like. Here’s what we know so far about the 13 siblings of the group’s members, some of which we know more about than others! As always, remember to respect the privacy of THE BOYZ’s family members.

1. Sangyeon

Sangyeon is one of six members of the group that has an older sister! She was born in 1988, making her eight years older than Sangyeon, and she’s also married. She also has a couple of children, and she has posted numerous pictures of Sangyeon adorably playing with them!

Other members of THE BOYZ have had cute interactions with one of his nephews, Howon, as well.

The two seem to have a close and loving bond, based on how Sangyeon treats his elder sibling.

2. Jacob

SBS Inkigayo PD Note

Jacob is one of three members of THE BOYZ that has an older brother! His name is Jeff, and he was born in 1995, making him two years older than Jacob. And it’s easy to see they share the same handsome genes!

He also has a public Instagram account, which he posts on regularly! Jeff really seems to have a gift for photography, because he posts some beautiful images.


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3. Younghoon

Younghoon is another member that has just one older brother. He was born in 1992, making him five years older than Younghoon. He allegedly studied abroad in England, and Younghoon has also said that he’s an impressive 188cm tall!

He has said that they used to bicker when they were younger, and that when his brother gives him kisses now, he hates it because he has a beard! It also sounds like Younghoon’s older brother has a long-term girlfriend.

4. Hyunjae

Hyunjae is the youngest in his family, with an older sister! Not much is known about her, but based on how the member of THE BOYZ has her saved in his phone contacts, it’s easy to assume they are very close.

5. Juyeon

Juyeon is the only member of THE BOYZ that has a younger brother. He was born in 2002, making him four years younger than Juyeon. Though there isn’t very much known about him, Juyeon has gone on trips with his younger sibling before, sometimes with other members of THE BOYZ!

Fans think that this is Juyeon and his younger brother dancing adorably together when they were little!

6. Kevin

Kevin is yet another member of the group that has an older sister! Her name is Stella, and she was born in 1996, making her two years older than Kevin. From Kevin’s posts, it looks like she enjoys gifting him with emoticon packs for Kakaotalk!

Both siblings are also fans of 2NE1, showing that they have good taste.

Musical talent must run in the family as well, because she plays clarinet!

7. New

New is the maknae in his family with an older brother. He was born in 1988, making him a whole decade older than New! His name is unknown, but New has talked about him and his work and family life before.

8. Q

Q is just one of two members of THE BOYZ that has two siblings: Two older sisters! He once got emotional when talking about them, saying that they had given up their dreams in order to let him pursue his.

He said that he feels both grateful and guilty about it, and that he sincerely wants to repay them for their sacrifice someday. Members of THE BOYZ, including Q, also performed at one of his sister’s weddings!

9. Juhaknyeon

Juhaknyeon is the other member of the group that has two siblings: an older sister and a younger sister. Their names are reportedly, and respectively, Ju Ukhyung and Ju Suyeon, and though there are several pictures of them with Juhaknyeon online, their faces are covered for privacy purposes.

Juhaknyeon with his older sister
Juhaknyeon with his younger sister
Juhaknyeon with both of his sisters

It sounds like there’s a considerable age gap between him and his younger sister, with reports that she was born in 2006 (making her 7 years younger than him). He attended her elementary graduation on Jeju Island back in 2019! He has also posted photos of himself that his older sister has taken.

10. Sunwoo

Sunwoo also has a younger sister! Her name is Sunyoung, and she was born in 2002, making her two years younger than Sunwoo.

He hasn’t shared a lot about her, and even accidentally revealed her name during a livestream, but it does sound like her bias of THE BOYZ is Juyeon!

11. Eric

And finally, Eric is both the maknae of THE BOYZ as well as in his family with an older sister. She was born in 1999, making her just a year older than he is. Apparently it was her that got him interested in K-Pop after showing him the music video for EXO‘s “Growl”!

It also sounds like she’s a doctor (or at least, on her path to being one), which is really impressive!