These 3 Male Idols Have The Ideal “Boyfriend Material” Body Type That Koreans Love

#2 is the perfect example.

Dubbed “BSTW” in Korean, the “broad shoulders, thin waist” body type is gaining popularity among fans. Check out the 3 idols who are known for having this sexy build!

1. Jin (BTS)

Jin is constantly praised for his broad shoulders.

At the same time, however, he has a very thin waist.

With both of these attributes, his body shape is like an inverted triangle.

This look is preferred by a lot of women…

…and it’s easy to see why!

His angled body is apparent from any direction you look at him.

2. Juyeon (The Boyz)

Juyeon also shares this sharp body type.

This gives him great proportions, so he looks good wearing a suit…

…when he’s laying down…

…or when he’s on stage!

This body type is manly but not overwhelmingly so.

It gives a body perfect balance.

3. Jungwoo (NCT)

Jungwoo also has wide and angular shoulders that protrude outwards.

| @lovefor_jungwoo/Twitter

However, his slim waist keeps his silhouette sleek.

Even when he’s sitting down, his wide shoulders are clear to see.

Plus, it’s hard to not miss his thin waist.

Sometimes it’s called a “Dorito” shape, inverted triangle, or even a “coat hanger” body shape.

Whatever you call it, everyone can agree it looks amazing!