Broadcasting Networks That YG Entertainment Is Speculated To Have “Beef” With

You’ll rarely see YG artists on these networks.

K-Pop companies usually have a decent relationship with most broadcasting networks, but there have been instances where this relationship got a little dicey. YG Entertainment is a company that seemingly has had “beef” with several broadcasting networks.

One broadcasting network that the company has “beef’ with is Mnet. YG Entertainment’s “beef” with Mnet is quite well known, as G-Dragon once even went on MAMA and dissed the show for the way they handed out awards. G-Dragon criticized them for giving out awards to every artist so that fans would be happy, as well as rewarding groups for their popularity, rather than their music. It’s been several years since artists from YG Entertainment attended either MAMA or M Countdown.

Another broadcasting network that seemingly has “beef” with YG Entertainment is KBS. Since 2009, these two have had conflicts due to KBS allegedly not allowing YG artists’ tracks to be played on their broadcast. A speculated reason for this is that G-Dragon once missed a KBS schedule, so KBS decided to ban tracks by YG artists. Since then, YG artists have rarely appeared on KBS’s main music show, Music Bank. However, there have been some instances throughout the years when YG artists participated in KBS programs, such as when WINNER‘s Seunghoon was a dance mentor on Dancing High.