BTS Switch Worlds In New 2019 FESTA Family Portraits (25+ Photos)

BTS released a brand new series of family portraits for FESTA.

BTS have released a new photo series “special” for their 2019 FESTA. Previously, BTS gave fans a series where each member appeared in the outfits and sets for their own solo music videos. Now, they’ve taken this crossover one step further by switching sets!


1. V in “Serendipity” x Jimin in “Singularity”


2. Jimin in “Agust D” x Suga in “Serendipity”


3. RM in “Agust D” x Suga in “Intro: Persona”


4. V in “Epiphany” x Jin in “Singularity”


5. Jin in “Euphoria” x Jungkook in “Epiphany”


6. RM in “Daydream” x J-Hope in  “Intro: Persona”


7. J-Hope in “Euphoria” x Jungkook in “Daydream”