10+ Moments From BTS’s 2022 GRAMMYs Performance That We Could Watch On Repeat

#4 instantly went viral!

From beginning to end, BTS‘s 2022 GRAMMYs performance of “Butter” was one for the history books! Check out some of the must-see moments below that left every ARMY beyond proud.

1. Jungkook descending from the ceiling like a true secret agent

Bond. Jungkook Bond.

2. This legendary moment of actual magic

Seriously, HOW?!

3. Jimin flirting with the camera

Jimin + Glasses = 🔥

4. When V and Olivia Rodrigo broke the internet

Two visuals in one frame!

5. The ending fairy OT7 pose

Cue every ARMY in the world screaming.

6. Jin at the control center of our heart

He did THAT…with a hand injury, too!

7. J-Hope center for the dance break

As our dance leader should be!

8. RM actually being the coolest person ever

It’s just science.

9. Suga casually spitting the most iconic lyrics

Bonus: Check out those HYYH era photos in the background!

10. When they became spies and dodged the lasers

How loud did you scream?

11. J-Hope’s cool moves at the end of “Butter”

It’s the perfect ending!

12. Jimin entering our hearts like:

Charisma overload!

13. Every member’s iconic introduction

Every detail of this performance is unforgettable!