6 Concepts That BTS Hasn’t Done Yet But Would Absolutely Slay  

Fantasy, crime, and much more.

BTS has tackled many different themes and genres in their music videos, but there are still so many more they would slay. Here are 6 concepts they haven’t done yet!

1. Criminal/Mafia

This is one of the most popular alternate universe (AU) ideas out there. Many fans have reimagined BTS’s members as kings of the underworld who can pull off heists like no one else.

These criminal personas are so unlike BTS’s true personalities that it would be interesting to see how the members take on their roles. Who would be the mob boss? The conman? The corrupt cop?

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

played the role of a gangster for BTS’s ARMY.zip membership kit. Now, we want more!

2. Video Games

Picture a BTS x Ready Player One crossover, but make it a music video instead. What kind of adventures would they take ARMY on? Would it be an action-packed ride like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds…

…or maybe a retro arcade game that’s similar to these concept photos?

| Vogue/vogue.com

3. Horror/Thriller

In a game of survival there’s only one rule: trust no one. Dark and suspenseful horror AUs are exciting, unpredictable, and always leave you wanting more.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

Interactive, fanmade Twitter stories like @flirtaus‘ Outcast and @filmfics‘ The Silent One have given ARMYs a taste of what a BTS horror MV might be like.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

4. Science Fiction

Cyborgs, time machines, intergalactic battles, and mind-blowing technology? Yes, please! Some of BTS’s music videos like “N.O” MV and “Heartbeat” MV have dipped their toes into the waters of science fiction, but we have yet to see a hard science fiction concept.

5. Supernatural Creatures

When BTS dropped their ARMY.zip movie photos, some fans were hoping to see videos based on each concept. How great would it be to see Jin battling zombies in the BTS Universe? How about BTS as vampires?

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

BTS’s “IDOL” MV and various live performances bring elements of traditional Korean culture to present day. It would be interesting to see BTS’s take on supernatural creatures from Korean folklore, like the gumiho (fox spirit)…

…as seen in Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

6. High Fantasy

Most of BTS’s music videos are based on present day reality, but it would be fun to see BTS go on an epic journey similar to “ON” MV, but with magic.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

BTS could be elves, fairies, wizards, dragons, knights in shining armor, or dark sorcerors. The possibilities are endless!


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