BTS As 7 Different Types Of Valentine’s Day Dates: Who Do You Choose?

If BTS prepared Valentine’s day dates for ARMY, they might look like this.

Everyone imagines something different when they think “perfect Valentine’s Day date”. In honor of this romantic occasion, here are BTS‘s seven members as seven different, but equally perfect, Valentine’s Day dates.

1. RM – The Classy Casanova Valentine

  • Arrives at your door in a chic suit with a bouquet of roses
  • Picks you up in a limo, not because he doesn’t have a driver’s license (definitely not because of that…) but so that you can have in-depth conversations about life and love while driving to your destination.
  • Wines and dines you at a restaurant decorated with modern art pieces. No indoor seating, please. Must have a romantic patio table with a view of the river at sunset.
  • Seduces you with his intellect
  • May propose marriage under the light of a full moon

2. Jin – The King Of Grand Gestures Valentine

  • Will send an obnoxious amount of flowers to your work to mildly embarrass you
  • Will send a Mariachi band to your work to majorly embarrass you
  • Takes you out on his private yacht to see a bigger-than-the-Fourth-of-July fireworks show, prepared in his–I mean–your honor
  • Replaces all the advertisement billboard screens in Times Square with your couple photos
  • Love letters? No. He speaks his love through corny messages on plane banners.
  • Will make you wonder if this is Valentine’s Day or Mardi Gras

3. Suga – The Low Key Valentine

  • Will complain that Valentine’s Day is overhyped, but still goes out of his way to make yours special
  • Leaves an anonymous love note in your bag that is short, sweet, and straight to the point
  • Plans a romantic night in on the couch with a to-watch list of your favorite romantic comedies (that he secretly loves too)
  • Cooks your favorite meal with you, then surprises you with gift cards to all your favorite stores
  • Plays you a mixtape of songs he wrote for you

4. J-Hope – The Having The Time Of Your Life Valentine

  • Arrives in a flash sports car that’s blaring your jam
  • Is dressed in a snazzy outfit that also screams “party time”
  • Takes you out shopping and carries your bazillion bags for you
  • Organizes a fun-filled night on the town that includes a lot of dancing. Club dancing, swing dancing, ballroom dancing, you name it! It’s all happening.
  • Climbs to the top of a building and shouts “I love you” until someone calls the cops

5. Jimin – The Caretaker Valentine

  • Take you out for a relaxing couple’s spa day to relax and rejuvenate you
  • Goes walking with you on the beach and instigates a water fight
  • Sweetest flirt on planet Earth who makes you feel like you’re the only person on it
  • Prepares a candle-lit dinner at an intimate restaurant that you both have a sentimental attachment to
  • Cuddles and speaks sweet nothings to you until you fall asleep in his arms

6. V – The Soft Artist Valentine

  • Will give you beautiful, handmade presents (including a painted portrait) and pour his heart out in a handmade card
  • Will also give you a gift basket of GUCCI, Chanel, and designer dog toys because why not?
  • Cooks you a homemade meal that looks slightly better than it tastes. The plating is to die for!
  • Takes you to a wine tasting at an art gallery
  • Brings you on a romantic nature hike and — surprise! — he set up fairy lights in the woods for a couple’s photoshoot

7. Jungkook – The Playful Valentine

  • Pretends he forgot about Valentine’s Day, then “pranks” you with a video montage of your cutest couple moments
  • Will give you a funny Valentine’s Day card that makes you wonder if you should kiss or kick him
  • If left unattended, will probably eat all the chocolate he bought for you
  • Won’t buy you flowers because he is your “flower, flower, flower”
  • Will take you out ice skating, and will pick you up when you fall down. (Once he’s done laughing, of course.)
  • Takes you to an all you can eat buffet, then orders pizza because he’s still hungry