12 Times BTS Proved They Can All Have Successful Acting Careers

“You lost your bag. Why are you getting mad at us?”

Throughout the years, all of the BTS members have proved their acting abilities! From voice acting to prank skits, there’s nothing they can’t do. Check out a few of their Oscar-worthy moments below.

1. When V actually cried to get food from J-Hope

All of his acting lessons paid off for a good meal!

2. When the BTS members slayed their voice acting challenge in Run BTS

Disney’s up and coming stars!

3. Jungkook’s performance in the “On” music video

He totally nailed it.

4. When Jimin and J-Hope pretended V wasn’t hiding

They were clearly shocked over how much sauce they had on the counter.

5. All of the members freezing during live broadcasts

It’s the effort that counts.

6. When J-Hope flawlessly delivered this dramatic line

It’s Oscar-worthy!

7. When Jimin took on a whole new role suddenly

He was born to play this!

8. Jin crying with ease for a chicken ad

Extremely relatable.

9. When V proved his skills during this game

He’s just too good!

10. This incredible charades performance by J-Hope

How many movies does he know?!

11. When V pulled a fast one on his bestie

They were never the same!

12. This incredible skit

Raise your hand if you fell for it!