10 Items From BTS’s Closets That You Can Actually Afford

These items are all less than $100.

BTS‘s members love luxury brands like Prada and GUCCI, but not everything in their closets is “too expensive”. Here are 10 items that cost less than $100!

1. Jungkook’s long sleeve shirt ($34)

2. Jimin’s H&M hoodie ($14.99)

3. The sweater Suga wore while painting ($25 – $40)

4. Jimin’s watch hat ($9.99)

5. Suga’s striped turtleneck ($30)

6. V’s bracelets

V‘s CCNMADE are affordable and the part of the proceeds from each sale go to help animals in need as well as children with heart disease.

7. V’s palette pin

This brooch is made by an independent artist, and it sells for only £10.00 ($12.00 USD).

8. V’s Good Life sweater ($75)

9. Jimin’s HELLO: ON smile hat ($20)

10. Jin’s Studio Space shirt ($39)