Here Are 20+ HD Photos Of BTS Leaving For The US Like Rockstars

They look so good!

The BTS members are off to the US for an exciting list of events, including “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert dates in LA and the 2021 American Music Awards. Recently, photos have surfaced of the members at Incheon Airport getting ready to depart. Check out the pics below!

1. RM

The leader exudes “too cool” vibes as he enters the airport.

2. Jin

Jin’s sleepy look couldn’t be any cuter!

3. Suga

Suga rocks the perfect airport look in black from head to toe.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope greets fans and is ready for their trip!

5. Jimin

Jimin’s simple and cool look is #goals for fall fashion.

6. V

V rocks his signature chic and mature style.

7. Jungkook

Meanwhile, Jungkook slays the “sporty boyfriend material” vibe!

8. BTS

Have a safe flight, boys!

Check out footage of BTS entering the airport below!

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