Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS’s Latest Iconic Airport Fashion

They turned the airport into a runway!

It’s been over a year since BTS‘s last time strutting their style at the airport. For their grand return to the world of “airport fashion,” they made sure to rock some of their most fashionable fits! Check out the details of each member’s looks below.

1. RM

As Louis Vuitton ambassadors, the boys sported some of their favorite pieces from the luxury brand.

RM | Dispatch

RM’s entire outfit is courtesy of Louis Vuitton — Except for his $82,800USD Geneve watch from Patek Philippe!

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

2. Jin

Jin sported half of a Louis Vuitton set (giving the top half to J-Hope!) along with some super cute accessories.

Jin | FN Star

From his bright green bag to his RJ keyring, everything about his look is totally “Jin” style!

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

3. Suga

As per usual, Suga decided to choose a lot of pieces in his favorite clothing color: Black! For a pop of color, he added a cobalt cashmere crewneck from Louis Vuitton with some cute branding on the sleeves.

Suga | Osen

To wrap it all up, he added a newsboy cap as the finishing touch.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

4. J-Hope

J-Hope wore some of his favorite, street-style brands like Human Made.

J-Hope | @Colored_Hope/Twitter

He kept it comfy in his favorite track shorts from GOODBOY and a super cool Louis Vuitton hoodie (Thanks, Jin!).

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

5. Jimin

Sadly, Jimin’s Louis Vuitton turtleneck is unreleased. However, his awesome accessories stole the show!

Jimin | Asia Today

He accessorized his all-black look with a cross-body Petite Malle bag and stunning silver necklace.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

6. V

Unfortunately, V’s entire Louis Vuitton outfit is also made up of unreleased pieces! However, the unique patterns and colors are just his style.

V | Osen

You can almost always catch V in slides over shoes any day, so it’s no surprise he went for these buckle strap slides from System.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter

7. Jungkook

Jungkook loves to keep his fashion simple by wearing a lot of sets. This colorful Louis Vuitton shirt-and-pants set keeps him coordinated and satisfies his funky style.

Jungkook | TV Daily

As always, you can expect Jungkook to rock an oversized bag, like the Christopher PM from Louis Vuitton.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter