Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s AGT Performance Of “Dynamite” 

Did you spot all these hidden details?

BTS performed a special “Dynamite” stage for America’s Got Talent (AGT). The set, Everland amusement park, is sprinkled with tiny details that are easily missed the first time around. Did you spot them all?

1. All signs point to BTS

The performance starts with Jungkook singing and dancing on the XXXX voting box from AGT. In the lower right corner are signs for BTS and ARMY…

…and AGT on the gate.

| America’s Got Talent/Youtube

BTS and ARMY logos also show up on the post box near Jimin

…this trash can…

…and this building (upper right).

2. The car

If you’re one of the many who just couldn’t look away from Suga (and peeking out in the background), you might have missed the car’s license plate.

It says “BTS” and their debut date, June 13, 2013.

3. Dynamite drive-in

Behind Jimin is a banner for AGT, but also “Dynamite” signs in the windows.

This one has the lyrics “with a little funk and soul” and “light it up” on it.

4. The “Dynamite” truck and sign

On the left is a truck similar to the one from BTS’s “Dynamite” MV that has “BTS” on the license plate and references to the lyrics “I’m diamond, you know I glow up” and “life is sweet as honey.” 

| America’s Got Talent/Youtube

The sign next to the truck has “Dynamite” and all seven members’ names on it.

| America’s Got Talent/Youtube

Watch the performance here:


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