Here Are 20+ Must-See Moments Of BTS At The 2021 AMAs

Check out all of the chaotic, hilarious, and memorable moments!

BTS had a night to remember at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs)! From bringing home three awards to putting on spectacular performances, they brought their signature fire. Check out some of the iconic moments you might have missed from the night below!

1. Jungkook, J-Hope, and Suga vibing in the audience

2. This wholesome Giveon and V interaction

3. J-Hope and Becky G hugging

4. Jungkook twerking in the presence of Coldplay

5. Jin looking ethereal and greeting fans

6. Jimin resting his head on Jin

7. Their super cool red carpet entrance

8. Getting hyped before the “My Universe” performance

9. This MiniMoni moment

10. V doing the Tata Mic face

11. BTS’s selfie with Jojo Siwa

12. Close-up of Jin collecting Jungkook

13. Suga touching ARMY’s hands for the first time in years

14. Taking their seats like kings

15. Hugging Coldplay

16. All of them dancing in the crowd

17. More Hobi G content

18. BTS’s selfies with Chloe Bailey

19. The “Butter” dance break

20. Jimin giving out hugs for free

21. RM sticking up for ARMYs

22. J-Hope greeting fans like an angel

23. Jin calling ARMYs “our universe”

24. Suga and RM’s reaction to winning the grand prize

25. Jimin making everyone scream by just existing

26. Lee Hyun being the most supportive sunbae-nim

27. J-Hope showing his “New Kids On The Block” moves

Check out more from the 2021 AMAs below!

Here Are 20+ HD Photos Of BTS At The 2021 AMAs


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