Here How Much Each of BTS’s Insanely Expensive “Answer” Outfits Cost

If you thought your shoes were pricey, check out RM’s.

BTS has worn many high-end fashion brands over the years, but the cost of their Love Yourself: Answer wardrobe is really adding up. Just the outfits for the concept photo series cost thousands of dollars, but once the album’s upcoming music video(s) are added, this comeback might be BTS’s most expensive one ever! Prolific ARMY, Alex (aka @GetOnSwag), compiled all the information you need to know about BTS’s comeback fashion seen below:


1. Love Yourself: Answer – S Version

Jin’s boots:


Jungkook’s shoes:


Jimin’s shoes:


Jungkook’s earring:


Suga’s shoes:


RM’s shoes:


Jimin’s sweater:


Jimin’s pink outfit:


J-Hope’s blouse:


V’s collar:


V’s ring:


2. Love Yourself: Answer – E Version

Jungkook’s boots:


Suga’s boots:


V’s shoes:


Jin’s shoes:


Jimin’s sweatshirt:


J-Hope’s shoes:


Suga’s denim:


Jungkook’s top:


3. Love Yourself: Answer – L Version

RM‘s track pants:


Jungkook‘s track jacket:


Suga‘s shoes:


RM’s shoes:


Jin‘s shoes:


Jungkook’s sweater:


Jungkook’s track pants:


RM’s T-shirt:


J-Hope‘s shirt:


Jimin‘s orange sweatshirt:


Jimin’s coral sweatshirt:


RM’s windbreaker jacket:


4. Love Yourself: Answer – F Version

Suga’s shirt:


Jin’s tank:


V’s tie:


RM’s tank:


RM’s sweater:


Jimin’s tie:


Jimin’s sweatpants:


RM’s shoes:


Jungkook’s hoodie:


Suga’s shirt:


Suga’s shoes:


J-Hope’s shoes:


Jin’s shoes:


Jimin’s shoes:


V’s shirt:


J-Hope’s tie: