9 Times The BTS Members Showed Their Arm Muscles And Left Us Shook

You might have missed #4!

The BTS members are made of muscle and they’re not afraid to prove it! Check out a few of the moments below where ARMYs were in awe of their “guns.”

1. Jimin’s outfit at the beginning of their concerts

Bless the stylist!

2. Jungkook being a badass in Season’s Greetings 2022

This is truly the best way to start the year.

3. J-Hope getting hot at Muster Sowoozoo

This iconic look is gone but not forgotten!

4. When Suga showed off his muscles in a Bangtan Bomb

HYBE, you know what do with the gyms.

5. V preparing for his sleeveless scene in the “Butter” music video

He knows he looks good!

6. Multiple sleeveless members = Multiple heart attacks

Muscles galore!

7. When Jin rocked a black tank top behind the scenes

The man you are today, Jin!

8. RM wearing a cut-off tank top

He slayed this look during Muster Sowoozoo.

9. Jungkook showing off his guns during Mic Drop practice

ARMYs can definitely get used to BTS performing like this!