Here Are 10+ Photos Of The BTS Members Trying To Spell “ARMY” With Their Bodies…And They’re Too Cute

They did their best!

As a gift to ARMYs, BTS released some behind-the-scenes photos of the boys during the “Butter” music video shoot. Check them out below as they do their best to spell out each letter of “ARMY!”

1. Spelling each letter

Jin and Jungkook put their heads together to think of a way to create the letter “A.”

Suga casually poses as the letter “R.”

You can’t spell ARMY without “RM!”

V and J-Hope become the cutest letter “M.”

Lastly, Jimin poses as the letter “Y!”

All together, the boys create “ARMY.”

2. RM

The leader shows off his pretty charms in cotton candy pink hair and a dapper outfit.

3. Jin

Jin becomes royalty in his gorgeous tulle collar.

4. Suga

Warning: Suga’s smile is sweeter than candy!

5. J-Hope

J-Hope’s flawless profile and handsome visuals make him look like CGI!

6. Jimin

Jimin rocks the coolest rainbow hairstyle — and becomes the perfect blend of charismatic and cute.

7. V

Even the BTS members were surprised by V’s growing muscles.

8. Jungkook

Long-haired Jungkook is truly the 8th wonder of the world!

9. Group

With all their own unique styles, they look incredible all together!

Source: Naver