20 Moments That Prove BTS Are Trying To Give ARMYs A Heart Attack

And they’re succeeding!

It seems like BTS are always out to get their fans. It doesn’t really matter what they are doing it feels like they are constantly attacking ARMYs with their ridiculously good voices, dance moves, and beyond sweet personalities. Don’t believe us? Then check out this list and you’ll know with 100% certainty that BTS are determined to give ARMYs a heart attack!


1. Their first win that tore everyone’s heart to shreds

Any time BTS wins an award they always look incredibly shocked and are always so humble receiving the award but their first win will always hold a special place in every ARMYs heart. Plus we’re pretty sure whenever they give a special shoutout to ARMYs our hearts literally stop beating for a moment!


2. That time we learned the perfect word to describe V’s voice…soulful

Remember when BTS were on American Hustle Life and V sang one beautiful song…


Which led to this declaration that all ARMYs know is very accurate. And that soulful voice has the power to absolutely destroy us all!


3. The time RM gave the BBMAs speech in English

Every international fan had their hearts seriously shaken when RM gave his BBMAs speech in English in 2017 and 2018!


4. That time Suga met Kumamon

Just plain adorable!


5. Whenever J-Hope is a literal piece of sunshine

That smile, his sweet personality, everything about J-Hope just screams “sunshine!” You always fall for his charms and just look at how happy he is spending time with that puppy?


6. When Jungkook makes our hearts skip a beat with his golden maknae abilities

Why is he so good at everything? Seriously! He’s good at singing, rapping, dancing, sports, and playing instruments. Is there anything he isn’t good at?


7. When Jimin is a pure fluffball

He isn’t called “mochi” for nothing! Any time Jimin puffs out his cheeks, gives us those adorable smiles, or just acts like the sweetest guy on earth our hearts just can’t take it!


8. Anytime Jin makes a dad joke

Come on we know you love them! Plus you can totally hear Jin’s cute windshield wiper laugh.


9. When the members fell asleep while getting their makeup done

Why is this so endearing? It ends up being so, so bad for our hearts!


10. That time they showed off their girl group skills on Weekly Idol

Nobody has any right to look that good!


11. That time they cried over chicken

Because acting BTS is the best thing ever and chicken is totally worth every tear!


12. Or when they threw a beach party…because of chicken

Then again, their special beach party CF for chicken was pure bliss. Crap now we want chicken so we can hear BTS’s voices once again!


13. Then there was the time they did that CF for Coca-Cola

Remember when BTS threw everyone on their heads with a simple Coca-Cola commercial? We’re still recovering!


14. We can’t forget the moment everyone was scolding RM because of his clumsy nature

We all know that RM can be on the clumsy side but we all love him that much more because of it! But one of the most iconic moments is the time that RM got scolded by the other members because his grilling got out of control!


15. That time RM showed off his unique dance moves

Why is this octopus dance so precious? Are you trying to kill us RM?


16. Or what about that time Jin taught everyone his special dance?

Jin’s traffic dance was iconic enough as it was but when he taught the other members his moves our hearts just melted!


17. Of course, nobody can forget those trick shots that Jimin did

Every ARMYs heart skips a beat when they see Jimin fly over J-Hope in “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”


18. And why do our heart beat so hard when the guys dressed up as girls?

Maid Jimin is just way too cute!


Then there’s ladybug V who will fly right into your soul.


Who could forget the fabulous looking Jin?


And what about Sailor RM?


Then, of course, there was the ridiculously beautiful Min Yoonji who stole all of the member’s hearts and our’s too!


19. How can they be this cute all the time?

Please help us! BTS are just too cute for words!


20. And then they decide to just put us out of our misery and kill us with something like this!

But then they do this and we don’t know how to feel anymore!