10+ Relatable Things All ARMYs Are Doing During Quarantine

#3 is too real. 🤣🤣

Let’s face it: We’re all stuck in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. During this time, ARMYs are spending their period of social distancing in similar ways. Here are the 10 things every ARMY has done to pass the time.

1. Decorating their ARMY Bombs.

After RM and J-Hope showcased their skills during an online broadcast, everyone is now trying their hand at some D.I.Y. crafts.

2. Re-binging their favorite series.

Bon Voyage, Run BTS, American Hustle Life, Rookie King— Whatever your favorite may be, there’s something everyone can enjoy.

3. (Trying to) Preorder MOTS Tour Merch.

Emphasis on trying.

4. Wondering when the actual tour will be.

That feeling when you suddenly realize you now have more time to plan your outfit.

5. Reminiscing Bang Bang Con.

“I had…the time of my liiiife….and I owe it all to youuu….” 🎶

6. Ordering BT21 merch.

Don’t even lie: You and your whole group chat simultaneously went on a quarantined BT21 online shopping spree, didn’t you?

7. Organizing their photocard collection.

If there’s a time to organize everything into a cute display or photocard binder, it’s now.

Pinterest @btsjungkook06

8. Waiting for a Weverse spam.

Please, any of you seven boys, just say anything.

9. Falling in love with V all over again.

Admit it…we all felt something.

10. Constantly refreshing Twitter and TikTok.

…and the second something appears, you rave about it nonstop.

11. Making BTS D.I.Y room decor.

There are so many ways to create the ARMY room of your dreams!

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