8 Struggles Only Old School ARMYs Will Understand

#3 will make your skin crawl.

With their newest release Map Of The Soul: 7, BTS has marked their seventh year since debut. Fans from years ago share these common struggles before BTS made it big, and it’s quite funny looking back.

1. Waiting eternity for goods to arrive.

In the past, it was crucial before comeback season to pre-order your albums online. It sometimes took weeks, depending on where you decided to place your order. You would talk to your friends and find the best website that supplied K-Pop goods to your country.

Nowadays, you can just walk into your local Target and find all of the newest releases instantly. We’re talking “day-of-release” instantly.

Not only is the music available, but you’ll find a plethora of BTS merch goods in select pop culture stores. So long to the days of ordering your missized Jungkook jacket from China.

2. Mastering Korean just for the Daum Fancafe.

Every OG ARMY will know the struggle of navigating the treacherous Hangul of the Daum Fancafe. Leveling up to see premium content from the members required answering incredibly specific questions that had no English translations.

You would bounce ideas off your friends for hours, days even, to come to a conclusion (This is against the rules, of course, and all of the questions should be answered on your own).

A mistake such as accidentally mistyping Jimin’s birthday would set you back and you would have to wait for the next level-up period. And if you somehow passed, accidentally breaking a rule by having your nickname too long would erase all your progress.

Today’s ARMYs log on to Weverse, no questions asked, and are able to see exclusive member content. It only makes us a little bitter recalling all of the hours we spent struggling.

3. Camping out on a hard sidewalk for GA concerts.

Previously, BTS played smaller venues for concerts, which required a whole lot more struggle. Having General Admission, or GA, sections required lining up as early as possible to get as close as you can to the boys.

As time progressed, so did the wait time. Camping out became a necessity, waiting in line in the harsh elements. All of this lead to being smushed in the crowd, barely able to breathe and running off few hours of sleep.

Today’s ARMYs simply show up to the concert at whatever time they please. You can even bring a snack to your seat, and eat in peace. Ahh, the pleasures of being an ARMY in 2020.

4. The hardcore lack of screen time.

Watching award shows such as MAMA or MMA for BTS meant waking up at the crack of dawn on a school day to see their 2 minute and 34 second performance and then mentally reliving the moment in your 8 AM class. Go boys!!

Modern ARMYs can see BTS’ grand performances at the end of every show that are like their whole own event. They also come to collect their well-deserved awards and leave smiling.

You can also catch them on many global award shows, stealing the show there as well.

5. Being the only ARMY within a 50 mile radius.

Being a K-Pop fan years ago was a loner activity. The primary way of connecting with fellow ARMYs was finding them online and fangirling only when your WiFi connection allowed it.

In 2020, you can spot a few ARMYs every so often by noting the BT21 keychain on their backpack. It’s super easy to connect with someone local and find the V to your Min.

6. Dealing with sketchy tour providers and chaotic situations.

Dealing with less-than-qualified companies to organize tours ensued in complete chaos. Overselling tickets and unfulfilled promises left some ARMYs absolutely crushed⁠— If you know, you know.

BTS’ concerts are much more organized nowadays and each ARMY is guaranteed what they paid for. Phew!

7. Watching every variety show overlook them.

In the same way BTS failed to get screen time, they also couldn’t catch a break being invited on variety shows. Any show they got on was a miracle and we re-watched it hundreds of times.

Recently, there is almost too much content to keep up with! BTS has so many opportunities worldwide to appear on various shows that anyone is lucky to have them (We knew this all along, though)!

8. “Nobodies.”

Every OG ARMY knows the painful feeling of hearing your boys are “nobodies” from a “nobody” company. You tell the haters “BTS will prove you wrong!” and they just laugh.

The thought of those statements in 2020 are laughable. Smashing records and changing the game for K-Pop in the worldwide music scene, these guys walk a path like no other.

These past struggles are pretty funny looking back, but no matter what point in time you became an ARMY, you can still love them with all your heart!