The Way BTS Handles Their Own Artist-Made Collection Merch Is Driving ARMYs Crazy


While ARMYs cherish every BTS merch item they get, the members themselves can be a little more aggressive! While modeling their own Artist-Made Collection merch, the boys hilariously pushed the items to their limits with their rough behavior. Check out 10+ times they made ARMYs cringe below!

1. V using J-Hope’s mini bag as a hula hoop

One word: WHY?!

2. Jin opening V’s Mute Boston Bag with way too much force

ARMYs would never.

3. RM stretching out his joggers with a dumbbell

Out of everything he could have chosen…

4. Jin using Jimin’s hoodie as a pot holder

He definitely proved that the material is thick.

5. Jungkook strumming a guitar with Suga’s necklace

It’s not even made for this!

6. J-Hope throwing his bag not once…

There it goes.

7. …but twice!

If you don’t want it, ARMY will take it!

8. Jin proving V’s bag is the perfect pillow

End the madness.

9. J-Hope aggressively using RM’s Bungeo-ppang Wind Chime

It’s supposed to flow gently in the wind.

10. Jin and RM eating while wearing Jimin’s hoodie

The spilling possibilities is enough to give anyone anxiety.

11. V putting Jin’s pajamas together like this

He does his own thing.