Here Are 10+ Extremely Relatable BTS ARMY Reactions To Missing The Latest “Artist-Made Collection” Restock

I feel #3 in my soul.

Recently, Weverse restocked the merchandise in the highly coveted “Artist-Made Collection” line designed by BTS. There’s just one problem: It was in the middle of the night for a lot of international fans! If you weren’t able to grab something yet again, check out these ARMYs below who understand the pain all too well.

1. This is the pain of waking up and checking your phone to see the news.

Well, time to go back to sleep!

2. They really couldn’t have made the announcement any later.

6th PO: Restock was last week.

3. I’m no astronomer, but I think I know the answer.

It’s orbiting somewhere out there in space.

4. Check out how hard I can cry.

BRB, logging off forever.

5. Pain, only pain.

BRB, unleashing the horrors.

6. When you make it on time but still don’t have the funds.

HYBE is taking all of our paychecks.

7. Here’s an idea: MORE time, not less.

RIP to all of our wallets. You’ve served us well.

8. Let’s have a quick prayer circle.

Manifesting a successful check out.

9. Brace yourself for the dreaded instant sell out.

“Sold out” is the most painful phrase.

10. Do we really want this?

Bring the pain on!

11. Which one is the better of two evils?

The answer is both.

12. When will my time come?!

Keep trying, ARMYs!