Here’s How BTS Skillfully Avoids Answering Dating Questions

“Are you dating?” These are some of their best answers yet.

Interviewers are forever asking BTS about their romantic relationships, but the members have become experts at dodging these questions. Here are some of their best answers so far.


1. “The connection is not very good”

In a recent radio interview, RM avoided the dating question by pretending that the reception was bad.


2. “I know her face, but I don’t know her name”

BTS are often asked about their Hollywood crushes to give people an idea about their ‘ideal type’. Jungkook got himself completely off the hook by saying that he couldn’t remember the name of his Hollywood crush. When the interviewer asked him what movie the actress appeared in, Jungkook said he couldn’t remember the movie’s name either!


3. “We want to focus on our careers, so…”

In an Access Hollywood interview, the interviewer asked, “do you date?”. RM gave the standard answer, but he added some humorous gestures to it that made everybody smile.


4. “Not. Not. NO.”

Ellen asked BTS if they’d ever “hooked up” with a fan, but this dating slang was lost in translation. After Ellen playfully prompted BTS’s translator to explain it, emphatically responded like this.


5. “We got, like, thousands of girlfriends…”

As BTS’s #1 English speaker, RM answers most of BTS’s dating questions, but he always puts a new spin on his answer. When asked why they didn’t bring their girlfriends to the 2017 American Music Awards, RM said, “We got ARMYs. We got, like, thousands of girlfriends today here […] so we don’t worry.” 


6. “W-what? Oh.”

BTS avoided answering a dating question more than once on Ellen. The second time, RM (pretended?) not to hear what Ellen said when she asked if the members were dating anyone. When she reiterated her question, RM swept it aside by talking about how many Korean had learned the meaning of “hooking up” after BTS’s previous Ellen appearance.