10+ Times BTS Was Just As Awkward As The Rest Of Us

We’ve all been there.

Awkward moments; we all have them. If you’ve ever made yourself cringe and asked, “Why did I do that?” no worries! BTS‘s endearingly awkward moments are super relatable, and they will make you feel better about your own!

1. That time Jungkook called a cashier “noona”

If you’ve ever called your teacher “mom” or “dad” by mistake, you can probably relate to Jungkook. He once tried to get a cashier’s attention by calling her “noona” (older sister)…

…then remembered that he was in Norway.

2. Jimin’s finger guns

At the 2018 Asia Artist Awards, Jimin had a sweet and funny interaction with Wonho.

When Wonho tried to call Jimin over, Jimin shot finger guns and gave him a double thumbs-up instead. It’s totally understandable though. Who isn’t whipped for Wonho?

As if videos weren’t enough, a fan captured the moment in these HD photos.

From left to right: RM, Jimin, and Suga.

3. That time everybody roasted Suga

In Episode 6 of Break The Silence, Jin mentioned a moment in BTS’s “Boy With Luv” performances where Jungkook and J-Hope play around on stage.

| Break The Silence/Weverse

Jin wanted to do the same thing with Suga, but Suga made it weird.

| Break The Silence/Weverse

To add insult to insult, Jimin teased Suga about having poor eye contact, making everyone crack up.

| Break The Silence/Weverse

Jungkook also imitated the way Suga avoided making eye contact with him. Poor Suga just couldn’t catch a break!

| Break The Silence/Weverse

4. Blood, Sweat & Whatever This Is

RM didn’t seem to know what he was doing during this part, and we love him even more for it!

5. Closer, please…

Jin, EXO‘s Chanyeol, and Red Velvet‘s Irene brought laughs to the KBS Song Festival. Being respectful gentlemen, Chanyeol and Jin gave Irene a little too much space. The photographers urged them to get closer.

Jin and Chanyeol shuffled closer, but Jin was still too far.

When the photographers prompted him again, Chanyeol started laughing. This was definitely a red carpet highlight!

6. Nothing but silence

When a beautiful interviewer asked about his, quote, “sexy” voice, this happened. (He did answer her question…eventually.)

7. Yes? Yo?

At the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards, BTS reunited with DJ Khaled. Afterward, Jimin revealed that when DJ Khaled said, “Yo”, to him he replied with, “yes,” then walked away!

| V Live

His members burst out laughing, and Jin wanted to know what in the world was going through Jimin’s head.

| V Live

8. When Jimin embarrassed the “Chicken Noodle Soup” out of J-Hope

“This is really embarrassing,” J-Hope said as Jimin danced to his song. “I feel so awkward.” 

9. When Fanboy Jungkook’s soul left his body

Jungkook could not handle being in the same room as RM when his voice letter for RM played. It was just too much…

…so Jungkook reacted like this.

10. That time RM took it too far

RM kept swaggering down these stairs after his members had stopped. Jungkook tried to call him back, but it was too late!

11. When Jin and J-Hope made things worse

Jimin ended up having to ride with a stranger. This situation was awkward enough without his hyungs drawing attention to it!