BTS Hasn’t Aged A Day In Recreated Baby Photos — And It’s Overwhelmingly Adorable

They’re so squishy!

If you thought looking at BTS fills your heart with pure love and joy, wait until you see their recreated baby photos. Check out each member’s modern rendition of an adorable moment from their past!

1. RM

In head-to-toe Mickey Mouse merchandise, baby RM proudly roller-skated with his hands on his hips.

He executes the nonchalant pose and expression perfectly!

2. Jin

Baby Jin was already able to boast his broad shoulders in a classy suit and looked more like “worldwide squishy” than “worldwide handsome!”

Now, he’s fit for the job of CEO of “Jin Hit” Entertainment!

3. Suga

Baby Suga‘s timid expression and meek peace sign are enough to turn Suga stans into a full-on sobbing mess.

From the sweater to the video game cartridge, his recreation is flawless!

4. J-Hope

Baby J-Hope looked dapper in his suspenders with his signature pouty face.

Besides his height, not much has changed for this cutie!

5. Jimin

Baby Jimin couldn’t look less interested in being a cow, but at least it made for an incredibly adorable photo op.

Don’t let his cheeks fool you — He did, in fact, age between these photos.

6. V

Clearly a prince since birth, baby V sports his crown like a true fashionista.

Just like that, the little prince has become a king!

7. Jungkook

Baby Jungkook was mid-corn dog at the time of this adorable photo.

If you thought the little baby was cute, meet the big baby!