Here Are 10+ Chaotic Moments That Happen When BTS Films A Performance

Try not to laugh at #8!

During BTS‘s “Permission To Dance” performance at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the boys did their best to create an inspiring and uplifting performance. However, just because they work hard doesn’t mean they can’t be silly! Check out some of the most hilarious moments that happened behind the scenes.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

1. When your last two brain cells meet

We all need hyper Yoonmin in our lives.

2. Jungkook VS. the heavy door

It’s harder than it looks to shut that door! 😂

3. Part two of his struggles

Door: 1, Jungkook: 0.

4. J-Hope bullying the door

“You have to shove it like it’s a person!”

5. When the jet lag hits you and you’re just floating in space

Suga had no idea where he was!

6. RM and Jimin giving ARMYs an impromptu finger heart show

No, they couldn’t be any cuter even if they tried!

7. Jungkook Jackson’s sudden appearance

He doesn’t need permission to dance like MJ.

8. Run Forrest, run!

There he goes.

9. Hyper line communicating with each other

This is how they keep up their energy between takes.

10. Jihope “brutally” fighting

They’re too precious.

11. RM suddenly forgetting the lyrics

Panic mode: ON.

12. J-Hope imitating Jimin’s fall

Full-time BTS member, part-time comedian.

13. Busan boys double kill

Falling in love with both is the only option!

Watch the full video below!