Here Are 10+ Moments From “BTS, THE BEST” Special Online Event That Everyone Should See

#12 is absolutely wild!

BTS recently held their Special Online Talk Event for the release of their Japapense compilation album BTS, THE BEST. Since the event was available for Japanese fan club members, we have selected some moments from the showcase that everyone should see.

Here are some of the best moments…

1. J-Hope knows about everything

2. Jimin imitating Jungkook’s selfies

3. Jin posing with his own photos

4. Our “Sleeping Beauties”

5. Jimin was voted #1 “Cute Guy” for a reason

6. Bored BTS is the funniest

7. J-Hope revealing his beauty secrets

8. When Jin and Jungkook are sat together, chaos ensues

9. V and J-Hope proudly flexing their photocard pulls

10. The best fast talkers

11. Jin stays promoting Maple Story

12. Lots of talk on underwear

13. V hyping up Jin and his forehead

14. This adorable moment of Suga and V

15. Jungkook radiating boyfriend vibes

16. V continually giving us new meme material

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