5 Of The Best Spoilers BTS Dropped In 2020

These spoiler kings never sleep.

BTS dropped many spoilers about their work in 2020. Some were accidental, others were on purpose, all were entertaining. Here are 5 of the best ones!

1. When J-Hope leaked “Dis-ease”

J-Hope accidentally leaked the BE track “Dis-Ease” was accidentally leaked months before it was officially released during a live broadcast with fans.

He didn’t realize that everyone watching the live could hear the audio he was playing until a staff member clued him in. Oops!

2. Jungkook’s fight with Jin

In May 2020, V mentioned a funny dream Jungkook had about fighting Jin.

Big Hit Entertainment 

Instead of explaining, Jungkook quickly changed the subject by shoving his flower wand at the camera. Fans weren’t sure why…

Big Hit Entertainment
Big Hit Entertainment

…until they saw this scene in Agust D‘s “Daechwita” MV!

3. “Dynamite” (B-Side) MV

During an interview for their official Japanese fan club, BTS gave away these moves from the B-Side version of their “Dynamite” MV.

4. Every time V shared audio snippets from his mixtape

Throughout 2020, V gave ARMY previews of his highly anticipated mixtape, nicknamed KTH1 (Kim Taehyung 1st Mixtape). His most recent spoilers happened during a live broadcast to celebrate his 25th birthday.

One of the songs on BE, “Blue & Grey”, was originally going to be released on V’s mixtape. When BTS were shooting In The Soop, they heard “Blue & Grey” and thought it would be perfect for their new album.

5. The spy’s identity

On Episode 120 of Run BTS!, BTS played a Mafia-like social deduction game, BTS Village. Detective Jin had to deduce the culprit’s identity.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

On Weverse, V dropped huge spoilers for the show, revealing that he was the culprit.

We filmed [the episodes] together, so I don’t know, should I reveal a spoiler?

I’m the spy, but I didn’t win, really not feeling too bad about losing.

— V