7 Facts You Might Not Know About BTS, According To The Members

New interview, new facts!

Today, Billboard released the BTS cover story for their August issue, along with photos and behind-the-scenes bonus content. Here are 7 new things you might not know about BTS, according to the members themselves!

1. RM loves small, cute things — and squid.

RM kicked off the TMI session by telling the world that his appearance doesn’t match his personality.


I like quite small and cute things, which, you know, [is] quite opposite of my look. You know, more than you think I do.

— RM

RM can also stomach some seafood, though it’s not his preferred menu item.

And though I don’t particularly like seafood, I can still eat sushi, sashimi…and squid. I like squid, actually. Squidward is the best.

— RM

2. Jimin can sleep through most of the day.

Both Jimin’s fans and his members know that he sleeps a lot, but there’s more to learn about his beauty sleep routine.


But what you may not know is that on our off days I sometimes sleep all the way until 6 or 7 PM.

— Jimin

Jungkook thinks getting this much rest is a good thing, and RM feels like Jimin is living a “cool life.” Instead of starting his day with breakfast, Jimin starts with dinner.

3. A lot of thought goes into Jungkook’s decisions.

Jungkook isn’t called the Golden Maknae for nothing! This young star excels at music, the arts, sports, and much more, but he thinks about each challenge he tackles before making the leap.


Everyone may already know that I have a lot of ambition and try to do everything that I want to. But, though people think I just go ahead and try different things without any hesitation, I still contemplate a lot, go through my thoughts, and then once I reach a decision, that’s when I finally execute (into actions).

— Jungkook

4. Jin is “afraid” of new technology.

If your inner grandpa jumps out every time a new gadget hits stores, don’t worry. Jin can relate!


Here’s one thing you don’t know about me. I prefer old things. When new tech or products are released, I distance myself from them at first. For me, how should I say this, when new things are released, I’m a little afraid of them at first. I wonder how they function, and worry that I’ll get confused if they have more features than what I’m used to. I have those kinds of fears.

— Jin

5. J-Hope has unlocked a new wine achievement.

Among his members, J-Hope is known for being a lightweight (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!). That said, he’s proud of his increased tolerance.


Here’s one thing you don’t know about me. Now, with some difficulty, I can finish a bottle of wine by myself. Yes. That much is a piece of cake for me now.

— J-Hope

Jin teased J-Hope, telling him he can’t finish more than one bottle because his mindset is weak! (Sorry, Jin, that is not how wine works.)

6. Suga’s sad memory

Many fans know that Suga is talented at basketball, and he wanted to go pro. They might not know that giving up that dream caused Suga pain. Thankfully, bigger and better things were in store for this star!


I really wanted to become a basketball player when I was younger, but I wasn’t able to grow taller. It’s a very sad memory. I’m the same height as I was in my second year of middle school.

— Suga

7. V’s alcoholic beverage of choice

Like J-Hope, V can’t drink alcohol as well as some of the other members can, but he has found some drinks he enjoys.


I think many ARMY think that I can’t drink alcohol very well, but I can drink a little better now. There’s something called “fruit soju” and that’s something I can enjoy. Wine…I do like wine too, but I also like soju as well.

— V

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