10+ Insanely Cute BTS And BT21 “Sweet Things” Merch Items Every ARMY Needs

This new line is delicious AND adorable! 🍭

BTS and Line Friend’s BT21 just released their sweetest merch collection yet! “BT21 BABY Sweet Things” features 7 types of character bag charms, a body pillow, and even crewneck sweatshirts and joggers. Check out every option you can get below!

1. Koya (RM)

Koya’s bag charm features him dressed as an ice cream cone and adorned with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

The Koya sweatshirt comes in black and shows Koya eyeing an ice cream sunday with various caramel and chocolate sauces being drizzled over the top.

2. RJ (Jin)

RJ’s theme is all about his love for sweet churros!

RJ is the only character to have a body pillow, which is much larger than the bag keychains.

3. Shooky (Suga)

Shooky morphs into the cutest pancake as a pint-sized bag charm.

The black sweatshirt features Shooky on top of a mountain of delicious pancakes.

4. Mang (J-Hope)

Mang finds himself stuck inside a chocolate croissant!

On the sweatshirt, he’s rocking the croissant just like a unicorn horn as an even smaller Mang plays in the chocolate.

5. Chimmy (Jimin)

Chimmy becomes a delicious cup of sweet pudding as a bag charm.

The Chimmy sweatshirt comes in ivory and shows him in a pile of sweet pudding.

6. Tata (V)

Tata’s theme is doughnuts! His adorable face is peeking through the doughnut hole.

The sweatshirt shows Tata inside a giant doughnut.

7. Cooky (Jungkook)

Cooky mixes sweet and salty as he becomes a piece of popcorn.

His sweatshirt is the only one that comes in pink and shows him bathing in a tub of popcorn.

8. Miscellaneous

To match every sweatshirt color, sweatpants come in the same colors: Black, pink, and ivory. They feature a heart that says “Sweet BT21” on the leg.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get baking — or buying!

Source: Line Friends